Raeann Phillips and her band, Raeann’s Groove, performed at a wedding here this past July.  She not only has an amazing voice, but really knows how to work the crowd and have fun with the performance.  Hope to see you back here soon, Raeann!












Guests at the wedding of Neil and Ashley on 5.15.10 were treated to a late night fare of delicious Mexican food. Taqueria La Mariposa provided the taco bus. For more info, please contact David at 360.269.4582.

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If you are looking for a way to have your guests transported from their hotel to the barn, contact Linda Ladd at First Student, 360.264.4948.


These are some images taken in the 1930′s of a barn being built in Boistfort Valley (about 12 miles away). Mr. Carlson, the builder, also built our barn and house. The barn is almost identical to ours, except this barn is currently in pretty bad shape. We’d love to find some old photos of our barn being built, but this might be as close as we can get.